Sunday, May 28, 2017

Review of "Second Coming," a film by Debbie Tucker Green

Review of
Second Coming, a film by Debbie Tucker Green

Four out of five stars
 The topic of this film is one that will always create one of the greatest crises that humans can face. Although they are otherwise a loving couple with a good relationship, Mark and Jackie have not been intimate for some time. They have a boy and both are exceptional, loving parents. When Jackie discovers that she is pregnant and the earliest possible impregnation time is well after their last incident of intimacy, the stability of everything in their world is now a thing of the past.
 Mark reacts with understandable anger and Jackie’s female intimates press her for details. Jackie insists that there has been no one else and she experiences dreams/nightmares that strongly suggest some form of religious activity. Coupled with the title, the indication is that there is going to be some equivalent to a virgin birth.
 The movie moves very slow at times, roughly ten minutes could have been cut with no loss of plot continuity. It ends with a glimmer of hope for the future, but if you are someone that prefers completely resolved endings to movies, this one will disappoint. One powerful positive is the role of Mark and Jackie’s son. He is a sensitive boy that loves nature and the effect of the situation on him is very well played and gives Mark a strong reason not to let things get completely out of hand.

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