Thursday, August 18, 2022

Review of "Science and Human Values," by J. Bronowski

 Review of

Science and Human Values, by J. Bronowski

Five out of five stars

An explanation of how facts serve society

 This is a book that should be read by all in high school and where the reader should be reminded of the contents on occasion. There is no one better than Bronowski at explaining that while science is fallible, it is self-correcting and inherently self-improving. In the modern world when powerful figures engage in the denial of science and sometimes even basic facts, this book is a reminder of how the basic scientific rules that govern nature must be respected. No matter how powerful or forceful a personality, the inherent laws of nature remain unchanged. Even though they may not be known to a high level of precision.

 When I read this book for review, it was the third time for me. It was first recommended to me by my chemistry Professor, and he loaned me one of his copies. It can be considered a handbook on how science and its practitioners can coexist on good terms with other fields of human endeavor.

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