Thursday, June 11, 2020

Review of "Giant Days: Volume 1," by John Allision

Review of

Giant Days: Volume 1, by John Allision, ISBN 9781608867899

Five out of five stars

 A summary of a major life transition

 A woman I know once told me that her menstrual cycle has been disturbed only three times in her life, during her two pregnancies and when she went off to college. For many, if not most young people, moving away from home to go to school and live in a dorm is the most traumatic event in their young lives. Suddenly placed in a new environment with people around them, adjustment and adaptation are the major requirements.

 This graphic novel features three young women of vastly different backgrounds and appearances. Daisy was home schooled and is naïve, Esther is extremely pale and is a catalyst for drama while Susan is logical and studious. They quickly become friends and navigate their new social scene, which includes old male flames, hints of same-sex relationships, occasional study and exploring the good-times social scene.

 All events in their lives are of course exaggerated, but still are grounded in the reality that girls experience when they go off to college. Cliques of their old school are vaporized; they are forced to (con)form to new social circles and take the first steps in what will be for most of them the true transition to adulthood. It is a fun book to read for people of all ages and genders.

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