Thursday, May 28, 2020

Review of "The How and Why of Chemistry," by Martin L. Keen

Review of

The How and Why of Chemistry, by Martin L. Keen 

Four out of five stars

 Most science books written in 1961 are hopelessly outdated, yet this one has aged rather well. For while the science of chemistry continues to advance, the basics have been known for centuries. While most of the early chemists operated on a trial and error basis with little theoretical understanding, the modern chemist knows why reactions and changes of state take place.

 This book provides a basic primer on the science of chemistry that will remain applicable as long as the physical laws of the universe do not change. It is a combination of a history of chemistry as well as explanations of the states of matter, the difference between a mixture and a reaction and the cycle of molecules through the water cycle and food chain.

 Written for the late elementary school child, there is no depth in this book. However, the surface is well skimmed.

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