Sunday, September 3, 2017

Review of "Clutch Hitter!," by Clair Bee

Review of

Clutch Hitter!, by Clair Bee

Four out of five stars
 This book follows the Chip Hilton formula as developed by Clair Bee. In this one, Chip Hilton is on his summer break at the end of his junior year at Valley Falls High School. When he is given the opportunity to work a summer job at hard labor and play on the company baseball team in an industrial league, Chip jumps at the chance.
 He is literally a boy among men, hard men with muscles and experience using them. Chip must prove that he is willing to hold up his side of the work and merge with the team. He must also navigate some inappropriate behavior that casts him in a bad light. Of course, Chip manages to prove himself and get the clutch hit to win the big game at the end.
 The formula for the Chip Hilton stories is a set of difficult situations that he must face in order to emerge as a hero in some form at the end. This story follows that formula, but it is told well enough so that even if you have read several books in the series, it keeps your interest.

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