Friday, January 13, 2017

Review of "America’s National Parks," by Nelson Beecher Keyes

Review of
America’s National Parks, by Nelson Beecher Keyes

Four out of five stars
 Published in 1957, before Alaska and Hawaii were officially states, the images in this book capture the scenes in the American National Parks at a time when they were far more isolated and primitive than they are  now. With no interstate highway system and the main highways basic two lane structures back then, people did not travel to the extent that they do now. Therefore, fewer people visited the parks, so there was less need for accommodations in the form of roads, camping and lodging.
 Of the 527 images in this book taken in the national parks, 33 are in color and 494 are black and white. When you are looking through the book, it is impossible to not wish that all of the images were in color, for those that are in color are stunning. While the images are very dated, they still capture much of the American national treasure that is the national parks. Brief descriptions of the Canadian National Parks are also included.

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