Monday, November 25, 2019

Review of "Beerfest," DVD full screen edition

Review of

Beerfest, DVD full screen edition

Three out of five stars

 Many drinking games are featured in this movie, it could in fact be the genesis for many other such games. It is a movie packed with frat-boy level humor, for the plot is based on extreme consumption of beer. The premise is that the two American descendants of a German brewer encounter a mysterious man while they are in Germany and become involved in an underground contest known as “Beerfest.” The skills needed to win are simple, be able to drink a lot of beer in a very short time.

 They lose the contest but vow to spend a year in training with their buddies and come back to win the contest. Of course, their training is based almost exclusively on downing massive amounts of beer. Most of the alcohol-based humor is mindless and dull, yet there are some very witty lines. My favorite is uttered by Cloris Leachman, who plays an elderly woman with significant mileage on intimate areas of her body.

 There are of course some gratuitous scenes of topless females that add a bit of interest but are interludes only. I generally find humor based on alcohol or slapstick dull and did so here. However, there were some lines of dialog that were absolutely brilliant, if the writers could have kept that up this would have been a hysterical movie.

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