Sunday, January 31, 2016

Review of "Rose and the Wish Thing: A Journey of Friendship", by Caroline Magerl

Review of

Rose and the Wish Thing: A Journey of Friendship, by Caroline Magerl


Three out of five star book

This is fundamentally a good story, Rose has moved and she sees the town where she now lives. She is experiencing the loneliness of being the new kid and so she looks out the window and makes a wish. At first, the purpose of the wish is indeterminate, the reader suspects that the goal is to find some new friends, but it is never made explicit. Rose searches in many places in her new town and eventually she encounters the point of her wish.
I never had to experience the trauma of moving to a new school, but I knew several children that came to mine. They would talk about the feelings of uncertainty and alienation as the teacher introduced them to the other people in their class. Ironically, in many cases it was the unpopular children that were the first to interact with them.
 There is very little text in the book and it is at the level of the very young reader. Many of the pages contain only illustrations. Which leads me to the problem that I have with it. The style of the images is that of being indeterminate and looking washed out. There is a significant blandness to the coloration as well as a fuzziness to the objects in the illustrations.
 This will make it difficult for the eyes of the beginning reader to discern the content. Given the small amount of text, the illustrations must contain a great deal of the story and in this case they do not. In my opinion, this is a serious flaw. 

This book was made available for free for review purposes

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