Thursday, July 21, 2022

Review of "Dog Farts: Pooter’s Revenge," by J. B. O’Neil,

 Review of

Dog Farts: Pooter’s Revenge, by J. B. O’Neil, ISBN 9781484983843

Five out of five stars

Plot involves one of kids favorite yuks

 This is a book that children will love, it features one of their favorite topics to laugh about, farts. Pooter is the dog of the family and when one of the humans lets one go, he often gets blamed. In this case, Pooter is suddenly afflicted with a case of really, really bad gas. Both in terms of the noise as well as the smell.

 Reaching the point where it is intolerable, the parents make an emergency trip to the vet. Even the vet throws their hands up, both in surrender as well as to cover their nose. With on end in sight to the end in action, they finally learn that the youngest child was feeding the dog her vegetables that she did not want to eat. This solved one problem, only to lead to another. Now the girl is the odorous one.

 Based on one thing that will always make children laugh, this book will keep the young reader laughing throughout. It is also useful as a reading challenge.

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