Monday, February 28, 2022

Review of "If Women Ran Things," by Cindy Garner

 Review of

 If Women Ran Things, by Cindy Garner ISBN 9780939515165

 Two out of five stars

 Turnabout is a lot of the same

  This book is a collection of jokes expressing female frustration with men as expressed in clichés. While some of them are funny, many are in the category of turnabout, in other words women doing to men what women have been complaining about. Others ignore the fact that women are not exempt from some of these behaviors. For example

 *) Men would be tried for perjury if they didn’t keep their wedding vows.

*) Men would have to wear makeup all the time.

*) There would be a Shopper’s Hall of Fame, honoring women who found the best bargains.

*) Men would parade around in beauty contests while we judge them.

 The first ignores the fact that large numbers of women also don’t keep their wedding vows and the second ignores the fact that many if not most women enjoy wearing makeup. The third continues the sexist stereotype that women live for shopping and the fourth is a clear call to turnabout being fair play. These four examples pretty much sum up the tactics taken in this book.

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