Friday, December 3, 2021

Review of "The Underground Dance," by Tony Mitton

 Review of

The Underground Dance, by Tony Mitton ISBN 0763567345

Three out of five stars

Could have been a great book

 This book could have been an excellent book for children, the problem is one great flaw. The basic premise is to describe creatures and their actions that take place underground. From the human miner to the mole to the subway train and the human attendants to worms, seeds and rabbits. All of that is educational and entertaining.

 However, many of the pages have collections of bones, specifically human femurs and others of appendages. They are collected in small piles and due to the numbers in those collections, the indication is that are from more than one human. There is no reference to the bones in the text, so there appears to be no explicit reason for their inclusion. Specifically in a book for children. Other than that, this book would be very suitable for reading to children. If that is done, the reader will have to be able to explain the purpose of the bones.

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