Monday, August 16, 2021

Review of "Bird: The Tattoo," by Carlos Trillo and Juan Bobillo

 Review of

Bird: The Tattoo, by Carlos Trillo and Juan Bobillo ISBN 1569716315

Four out of five stars

An unusual and depressing graphic novel

 The title character is an often naked, bald and skinny female that is also heavy into pills. Targeted for assassination by a very large and powerful man, she greets him by asking that he allow her to take her pills first. Agreeable, the potential assassin gives her the opportunity to explain her life.

 Her story begins in some form of asylum where she manages to escape nearly naked out into a severe snowstorm. The adventures continue in the building of some form of an alliance of the most bizarre form. A skinny, naked woman and a massive man with a mandate to kill her. Fortunately, there is no precise instructions on the how and the means.

 I was so puzzled by this book that I read it twice. There are twists and turns to the story, yet at the end there is a resolution and an unlikely hero. Unlike many graphic novels, there is very little in the way of violence, it is there, but contained and generally threatened rather than actual. If you are a fan of the bizarre, you will like this book.

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