Monday, January 25, 2021

Review of "The Good Guys Volume 1," comic created by Jim Shooter

 Review of

The Good Guys Volume 1, comic created by Jim Shooter

Four out of five stars

Comic heroes created by unidentified magic

 Matthew and Zack are teenage brothers that live and breath comic books. Their interests go beyond the characters in the books, they are also into the people that create the images and dialog. Zack is the youngest and he takes the potential non-fiction aspects of comics more seriously than Matthew does.

 When Matthew goes to collect from his paper route customers, their mother forces him to take Zack with him. Matthew’s goal is to collect enough money so that he can buy something at the local comic store. One of the customers turns out to be a very strange woman that gives him a small box and asks him to bury it under concrete.

 While he is creeped out, Matthew accepts the box and tells Zack what he was told. The visit the comic store takes place and when others try to steal the bag containing the box, Zack tries to get it back. The box falls out and then open and there is a big flash and virtual bang and suddenly the young people in the immediate vicinity have powers that allow them to enter other planes of existence that are similar to a video game. Together they battle an evil young person bent on taking over the world and while they do that they are learning the extent of their powers, complete with the requisite costumes.

 As the first volume in a series devoted to this set of costumed super beings, this issue sets down the basic parameters of what are to be the main characters. The background context is provided and those that acquire the powers are quite properly shocked and confused regarding what they can now do. The story is not riveting, but good enough to generate an interest in what comes next.

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