Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Review of "B. P. R. D. Hell On Earth, Lake of Fire," by Mike Mignola et. al.

 Review of

B. P. R. D. Hell On Earth, Lake of Fire, by Mike Mignola et. al. ISBN 9781616554026

Five out of five stars

An odd and largely unknown apocalypse

 Something has happened to cause animals to wildly mutate into powerful and extremely vicious creatures. Humans can also be affected. Along with this, large sections of the world have gone dark, seemingly completely wiped out. For example, it is stated that Great Britain is a total loss. However, some cities in the United States are anomalies, first and foremost is New York City. Every attempt to send ships or planes into that area leads to massive electronic disruption and their total loss.

 While there are shortages, in the areas not directly affected, society and the technology still seems to work. There are still television broadcasts and other services still exist. For example, the city police force responds when there is a dangerous mutant creature on the loose and the military is still capable of mounting operations. There is a plan to send small teams with low technology into New York in an attempt to determine the precise circumstances. There is the hint that the difficulties were anticipated.

  As one would expect in such circumstances, new religions that are more in tune with the new reality have been formed and as one would also expect, they clash with the older ones. Within this complex set of events, there is a focus on a young woman that wanders with her dog, revisiting the places of her youth.

 There is an enormous amount of action compressed into this graphic novel, it is exciting, entertaining and I will be acquiring other issues so that I can learn the background to this one and follow the plot as the teams prepare to enter the unknown in the New York City area.

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