Monday, January 20, 2020

Review of "Deep Zone," by Tim Green

Review of

Deep Zone, by Tim Green ISBN 9780062012456

Four out of five stars

 Although this book also features the football genius Troy White, he has another co-star in this story. He is Ty Lewis, a wide receiver with incredible speed. Both boys are stars on a 7-on-7 team that is trying to reach the finals in a tournament that will be played in the Super Bowl in Miami. Troy’s skills at predicting what play a team will run has helped the Atlanta Falcons reach the Super Bowl.

 However, now that Troy’s role in aiding the Falcons in reaching the Super Bowl has been revealed, he is now a valued commodity, for both other NFL teams and people who want to win their bets on the big game. Tough criminal elements are determined to do what they can to keep Troy away from his position with the Falcons during the Super Bowl and they will not stop at kidnapping in order to achieve their aims.

 The action is interesting and entertaining, but the dark forces weaken the story. Rather than being one about two very talented boys working towards playing for the championship, it takes the turn of being a dark one where the boys are in danger from unscrupulous elements. Sports fiction is better when it contains a movement towards a “big game at the end” and not when it is about people that will do anything to win their bets on that big game.

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