Friday, July 26, 2019

Review of "Quarterback Walk-On," by Thomas J. Dygard

Review of

Quarterback Walk-On, by Thomas J. Dygard ISBN 0688010652

Four out of five stars

 This story is one that all who aspire to sports greatness but lack the skills to do so will relate to. Denny Westbrook is a walk-on to the Sutton State Cowboys football team. The Cowboys are a national powerhouse in college football and Denny is a physical education major with his career goal being that of a football coach. His knowledge of the game is superb, his role on the team for his years at Sutton State has been to quarterback the scout team, running the plays of their next opponent. While Denny lacks the physical size and skills, his ability to quickly learn offences has proven invaluable.

 Through an unusual set of circumstances, fourth-string quarterback Denny Westbrook is suddenly forced into the role of starting quarterback in their upcoming game against Allerton. Fortunately, the team has nearly a week to prepare and Denny comes up with some unusual strategies to use.

 After some initial problems and recurring difficulties, the game begins and Sutton State holds their own, being five points behind late in the fourth quarter. Although the conclusion is predictable, the path there is a joy to read. For this is not a story about an unknown rising to the position of a star, it is about a man that understands football so well that he develops an effective strategy to win a game, even though no one thinks they can win with a small and unskilled man at quarterback. This is truly a triumph of brains over brawn.

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