Monday, May 27, 2019

Review of "Star Wars 105 May 1986" Comic Book

Review of

Star Wars 105 May 1986 Comic Book

Two out of five stars

 Since this is a Star Wars story, there must be some good aspects to it. However, the unusual alien creatures involved in the story are neither adorable nor even all that interesting.

 The tale opens with Luke being held “prisoner” by a group of what look like large bipedal locusts called the Hiromi. They are green, love to eat and openly state the position that they are powerful. Unfortunately, they are predecessors to the extremely annoying Jar-Jar-Binks character of episode one of the main Star Wars sequence of movies and they are cowards with no redeeming features.

 Other creatures that are allied with Luke are the Hoojibs, white bunny-like creatures that are telepathic and energy eaters. They are also being held by the Hiromi, and they are baffled by Luke’s acquiescence to his captivity. The action really takes off when a group of green skinned manlike people dressed in garb right out of the worst pirate movies break the door down and take over.

 Although it seems to have been meant to be taken seriously, this comic reads more like an awful parody than a genuine story. I found it rather dull and uninspired.

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